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talkative thursday {linky}: “sorry” should never be a difficult word to say

Recently I received a call early in the morning from the supervisor in Aden’s school. Since that was pretty much a rare occurrence, I knew something bad had happened. So,…


roasted garlic

I love garlic. I mean, I hate raw garlic but when it is cooked, it makes everything so yummy. What I really, really love is the taste of roasted garlic….


the picky eater

Aden has been going to play school since he was 20 months old. While we still have to drag him out of bed on some mornings, he is generally very…


be a parent, for better or for worse

“A parent (from Latin: parēns = parent) is a caretaker of the offspring in their own species. In all human societies, the biological mother and father are both responsible for…