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stir-fried cabbage with chargrill corned pork | a review of kelly’s chargrill corned pork

Good quality canned food is a great thing to have in one’s pantry. Sometimes, one just needs something to jazz up a dish and take it to a new level,…

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fish maw (herh pio) and mushroom meatball soup | a review of thermos shuttle chef

Today I am sharing a recipe of a soup that I will never tire of. I have been eating herh pio (花胶), or fish maw, soup since  I was a…

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wuxi ginger wine soy sauce chicken | review of corningware retroflam wokpot

The recipe I am sharing today is a very, very delicious one. In fact, it is so good, you will start salivating as soon as you smell the chicken cooking….


double mocha chocolate chip muffins

I am not a big fan of heavy and dense muffins. So I am always on the look out for new muffin recipes.  When I find one that I really…


garlic parmesan zucchini and tomato bake | a review of corningware 3.25L covered casserole

Christmas is around the corner and many of us are going to eat and eat. Turkey, ham, all sorts of roasts… when the table is loaded with so much protein,…


one-tray chicken, chorizo and potato bake

When I started this blog, I knew that one-pot dishes will be a regular feature here. I love one-pot dishes.  Everything is cooked in a pot, which makes cooking so…


chocolate, cranberry and macadamia brownies | a review of Pyrex® sculptured glass bakeware

There are about 3 weeks left to Christmas! My little ones are so excited! This weekend we are putting up the Christmas tree, and soon presents will be added. A season…


shanghai style stir-fried udon | review of corningware retroflam cookware

It is no secret that I am a big fan of the Corningware Retroflam series of cookware. I cook A LOT, and after having gone through many, many non-stick cookware…


kuhlbarra barramundi – it’s chilli outside

In a world that is filled with super busy parents, sometimes, getting a plate of something nutritious and tasty on the table for dinner can be a struggle. In the…


zucchini and potato fritters with garlic yogurt | Review Of Corningware Retroflam Cookware

What is it about most children? Why do they develop an aversion to anything that is green (aka, vegetables) at such a young age? When my kids were younger, they…