sweet potato chiffon cake

I love sweet potatoes. I love eating them in Asian desserts – like in bubur cha cha, or cooked in a sweet ginger syrup, or even when made into fritters….


pandan coconut butter cake

Butter cakes are so delicious, especially this recipe adapted from Mrs Ng SK. The cake is super fragrant – it smells crazily good – and very tender. It was so…


lemon chia and ricotta muffins with lemon glaze

Sour is good. I very like sour much much. Yes I know – I seem to have lost my Grammar skills. LOL. Anyway, sour things make me go MMMMMMMmmmmm! in a…


blood orange swirl bread loaf

It is very difficult to find blood oranges in Singapore but if you have ever tasted blood oranges, you will agree that they taste like no other oranges. In addition to…


one-tray roasted rosemary chicken and potatoes

Some times i get so caught up with work, which involves trying out many recipes, and I forget about the good ole’ recipes that have always worked for me. Take…


peach and raisin holiday bread rolls (using le creuset round french oven)

It’s less than a week to Christmas! Have you planned your Christmas menu yet? If not, I have one more item you can add to your Christmas bakes! These Peach…


garlic parmesan zucchini and tomato bake | a review of corningware 3.25L covered casserole

Christmas is around the corner and many of us are going to eat and eat. Turkey, ham, all sorts of roasts… when the table is loaded with so much protein,…


curry corned chicken and cheese bread buns | a review of Kelly’s curry corned chicken

It has been a while since I made bread buns. The thing about bread making is that it is very addictive. I think it is the feel of bread dough,…


one-tray chicken, chorizo and potato bake

When I started this blog, I knew that one-pot dishes will be a regular feature here. I love one-pot dishes.  Everything is cooked in a pot, which makes cooking so…


chocolate, cranberry and macadamia brownies | a review of Pyrex® sculptured glass bakeware

There are about 3 weeks left to Christmas! My little ones are so excited! This weekend we are putting up the Christmas tree, and soon presents will be added. A season…