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easy beef rendang | review of mayer pressure cooker

People. Today my life has changed. I am in awe of my new kitchen helper – the Mayer Pressure Cooker. I cooked Beef Rendang in an hour today. Seriously. One. Hour….


pastrami corned beef hand pies & product sponsorship by Kelly’s

I have always believed in the importance of home-cooked food because I know exactly what is (and isn’t) going into my food. This is especially true since the kids came along. …


easy one-pot beef and shallots stew & review of the corningware casserole pot

I am often very busy but I am a firm believer in serving home-cooked meals. My compromise is to cook simple meals that take little time, yet are packed with…


kimchi mac n cheese

It is hard not to like mac n cheese, especially if you love cheese. For the longest time, I couldn’t see what the fuss over mac n cheese was all…


{giveaway} braised ox tail burguignon | a review of purely fresh online grocery store

I shall start this post with a SIGH. A well and truly happy and totally satisfied SIGH. Let you show you what I just had for dinner. It was so, so…


easy slow cooker beef ragu

This is a meal for all lazy busy Moms. This is because the cooking is mostly done in a slow cooker. Slow cookers are one of the best inventions in…


easy shepherd’s pie

I have been cooking quite a bit if Chinese food recently because, well, I can cook Chinese food with my eyes virtually closed. So when I told the LAM I…


guinness beef stew

Stews are very well-received in my family. I was contemplating what to cook for dinner today. I knew I didn’t want to cook anything Asian. So I thought, maybe a…


xiamen minced meat rice 厦门肉酱伴饭

I was thinking of either making katsu don or bibimbap for dinner. Something easy. Preferably a one-bowl dinner so I could pretend to do a Nigella (Lawson) and curl on…


japchae | korean stir fried noodles with vegetables

Because of your support, this blog has been selected to be one of the finalists For the Best Cooking Blog in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards! Thank you so much for your support…