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sweet potato chiffon cake

I love sweet potatoes. I love eating them in Asian desserts – like in bubur cha cha, or cooked in a sweet ginger syrup, or even when made into fritters….


gooey valrhona chocolate skillet cake with pecan chocolate glaze (using Le Creuset cast iron skillet)

Everyone knows that a cast iron pot is great for cooking because of its ability to retain heat. I have used my Le Creuset Cast Iron Enamel French ovens to…


layered vanilla sponge cake with whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries

Do you like cake? Well, I am not the world’s biggest cake fan but if a tender slice of cake is sitting right in front of me, well, I am…


{Giveaway} matcha pudding chiffon cake

It has been a few weeks and I was itching to bake a chiffon cake. Since I had a pack of matcha pudding mix, I thought I’d try my hand…


no-bake blackberry cheesecake

I rarely make No-Bake Cheesecakes because I really like the baked versions. But I have friends who really dig these cheesecakes and I am always happy to bake some for…


caramel pudding chiffon cake

Often when I bake chiffon cakes, the whole house smells heavenly.  Once in a while, though, for some reason, the chiffon cake is especially aromatic.  And the cake recipe I…


salted egg yolk chiffon cake

In the Singapore food scene, I think nothing is as “hot” as salted eggs.  Salted eggs have been used to cook anything from seafood to meat and to being used…


coffee butter cake

This was no one’s fault but my own. There were 2 other cakes in the house but all I could obsess about was how to tweak Mrs Ng SK’s famous…


cranberry and chia seeds banana bread

Over the New Year, I made a batch of banana bread to give away. Banana breads are amazing things. Whenever someone tells me that he/she wants to learn to bake,…


chocolate milk chiffon cake with chocolate chips

I have been very good! It has been almost 6 weeks since I last baked a chiffon cake! See, I CAN resist! LOL. I think this must have been the longest…