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wuxi ginger wine soy sauce chicken | review of corningware retroflam wokpot

The recipe I am sharing today is a very, very delicious one. In fact, it is so good, you will start salivating as soon as you smell the chicken cooking….


one-tray roasted rosemary chicken and potatoes

Some times i get so caught up with work, which involves trying out many recipes, and I forget about the good ole’ recipes that have always worked for me. Take…


one-tray chicken, chorizo and potato bake

When I started this blog, I knew that one-pot dishes will be a regular feature here. I love one-pot dishes.  Everything is cooked in a pot, which makes cooking so…


shanghai style stir-fried udon | review of corningware retroflam cookware

It is no secret that I am a big fan of the Corningware Retroflam series of cookware. I cook A LOT, and after having gone through many, many non-stick cookware…


one-pot stir-fried sweet potato noodles with chicken, prawn and vegetables

I am pretty sure my love affair with one-pot dishes will never end. There are just so many things one can cook in a pot. Minimal effort and minimal dishes…


one-pot orzo with chicken pesto and vegetables

There are so many types of pasta available in the supermarkets these days, and I love experimenting with different pastas to create dishes with different textures! One of the pastas…


grilled coriander yogurt chicken mid-joints with garam masala

It has been a while since I’d posted a chicken wing recipe. Not that we have stopped eating chicken wings, mind you. I have just been really busy with baking…


simple one-pot chicken casserole with carrots, potatoes and grainy mustard

This is a dish that you cook when you have few ingredients left in your fridge or your pantry. This is also a dish you cook when you want something…


penne with chicken, mushroom and asparagus in pistachio pesto sauce

It is no secret that pasta water helps to bind pasta and sauce together to create a yummy and silky sauce.  The recipe I am sharing today is a classic…


super moist grilled chicken with DGW’s secret spice rub

Chicken breasts are the easiest part of the chicken to cook.  There are no bones, and they are easy to portion and cut into smaller pieces. The problem with cooking…