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sweet potato chiffon cake

I love sweet potatoes. I love eating them in Asian desserts – like in bubur cha cha, or cooked in a sweet ginger syrup, or even when made into fritters….


rice flour soy milk chiffon cake

Many people have asked me for a gluten-free chiffon cake. So I made one today. And guess what? This cake is also suitable for those who are lactose-intolerant. That’s killing…


{Giveaway} cream cheese chiffon cake

Wait! Wait!  I know what you are thinking! “Another chiffon cake recipe, Diana???” Well, in my defense, I am giving away not one, but two sets of tools to help you…


{Giveaway} matcha pudding chiffon cake

It has been a few weeks and I was itching to bake a chiffon cake. Since I had a pack of matcha pudding mix, I thought I’d try my hand…


caramel pudding chiffon cake

Often when I bake chiffon cakes, the whole house smells heavenly.  Once in a while, though, for some reason, the chiffon cake is especially aromatic.  And the cake recipe I…


salted egg yolk chiffon cake

In the Singapore food scene, I think nothing is as “hot” as salted eggs.  Salted eggs have been used to cook anything from seafood to meat and to being used…


matcha chiffon cake

I will never tire of chiffon cakes.  There are so many different flavors of chiffon cakes one can make.  I really believe that one can bake a chiffon cake every…


gula melaka chiffon cake

I have to let you know that as I am typing this post, I have two Gula Melaka Chiffon cakes baking in the ovens. And I am munching on one…


hokkaido milk matcha chiffon cake

Have you ever tried Hokkaido milk? It is delicious! There is a natural sweetness to the milk that is extremely pleasing. Unfortunately, it is also pretty expensive. For that reason, I…


ruby peach and lavender chiffon cake

As you know, I have been trying to eat a tad more healthily so I have been (mostly) replacing my morning carbs with smoothies. The problem is, though, I am…