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baked italian meatballs

When I buy meatballs from the supermarket, I seem to always end up with these tough little strange balls which try to pass themselves off as “moist” meatballs. Not. Good….


blueberry buttermilk coffee cake

Have you heard of coffee cakes? I don’t mean cakes that contain coffee. Because coffee cakes don’t necessarily contain coffee. A coffee cake is a cake or sweet bread flavored…


sweet potato chiffon cake

I love sweet potatoes. I love eating them in Asian desserts – like in bubur cha cha, or cooked in a sweet ginger syrup, or even when made into fritters….


peach and raisin holiday bread rolls (using le creuset round french oven)

It’s less than a week to Christmas! Have you planned your Christmas menu yet? If not, I have one more item you can add to your Christmas bakes! These Peach…


curry corned chicken and cheese bread buns | a review of Kelly’s curry corned chicken

It has been a while since I made bread buns. The thing about bread making is that it is very addictive. I think it is the feel of bread dough,…


chocolate, cranberry and macadamia brownies | a review of Pyrex® sculptured glass bakeware

There are about 3 weeks left to Christmas! My little ones are so excited! This weekend we are putting up the Christmas tree, and soon presents will be added. A season…


no-churn salted dulce de leche ice-cream with salted caramel chocolate

The first time I had dulce de leche (read: dool-seh-deh-LEH-cheh) was when was I was in the US. Dulce de leche literally translates to “Jam (or sweet) made of milk”, and is…


pastrami corned beef hand pies & product sponsorship by Kelly’s

I have always believed in the importance of home-cooked food because I know exactly what is (and isn’t) going into my food. This is especially true since the kids came along. …


gooey valrhona chocolate skillet cake with pecan chocolate glaze (using Le Creuset cast iron skillet)

Everyone knows that a cast iron pot is great for cooking because of its ability to retain heat. I have used my Le Creuset Cast Iron Enamel French ovens to…


cheesy earthquake bread loaf

I have wanted to write a post about this bread for like, forever! This is one of my favorite breads and I usually eat it with just some butter. Heaven…