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chicken satay pasta

The other day I was looking through my pantry, wondering what to cook. I wanted something that was quick, easy and tasty (don’t I always!) and pasta came to mind….


Pan-Seared Scallops with Bacon, Spinach and Pine Nuts | Review of the Corningware Retroflam Frypan

I cooked dinner for one tonight. Why? Well, because I wanted to cook a dish that includes some of my favorite ingredients – scallops, bacon, spinach and pine nuts. SLURP!…


{Giveaway} one-pot rice cooker chicken rice | review of tefal advanced spherical pot rice cooker

I have been as busy as a bee for weeks. Yes, that is why I have been rather quiet on the blog front. But hey, I have 685 (i just…


spaghetti all’Amatriciana

Today I am writing a post about my second favorite red pasta sauce of all times – Amatriciana sauce.  Sugo all’amatriciana is a traditional pasta sauce based on guanciale (cured…


{giveaway} pan-fried vietnamese pork chops

I have such a fabulous recipe to share today. This dish was so good, I went, “MMMMMmmmm!” as I took my first bite. And since I had to work late,…


simple one-pot chicken casserole with carrots, potatoes and grainy mustard

This is a dish that you cook when you have few ingredients left in your fridge or your pantry. This is also a dish you cook when you want something…

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japanese clam rice

The other day, I went to the supermarket to buy some clams. As usual, I bought extra clams so after cooking a pot of XO Sauce Chili Clams, I still…


super moist grilled chicken with DGW’s secret spice rub

Chicken breasts are the easiest part of the chicken to cook.  There are no bones, and they are easy to portion and cut into smaller pieces. The problem with cooking…


pan-fried brown butter honey garlic salmon | a review of corningware retroflam cookware

If you are thinking that it is pretty rare to find a salmon recipe in my blog, you will be right! That is not to say that we do not…


milk-braised dijon chicken

When I decided to cook this dish, I was sure about three things. 1. Chicken that has been braised in milk is delicious!  2. Dijon mustard and chicken is one…