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chicken satay pasta

The other day I was looking through my pantry, wondering what to cook. I wanted something that was quick, easy and tasty (don’t I always!) and pasta came to mind….


one-pot orzo with chicken pesto and vegetables

There are so many types of pasta available in the supermarkets these days, and I love experimenting with different pastas to create dishes with different textures! One of the pastas…


spanish chorizo and garlic prawn linguine + {launch of new cookbook!}

Before I start today’s post and recipe, I’d like to make an announcement! I have been busy with a special project – a joint cookbook which is going to be…


spaghetti all’Amatriciana

Today I am writing a post about my second favorite red pasta sauce of all times – Amatriciana sauce.  Sugo all’amatriciana is a traditional pasta sauce based on guanciale (cured…


penne with chicken, mushroom and asparagus in pistachio pesto sauce

It is no secret that pasta water helps to bind pasta and sauce together to create a yummy and silky sauce.  The recipe I am sharing today is a classic…


kimchi mac n cheese

It is hard not to like mac n cheese, especially if you love cheese. For the longest time, I couldn’t see what the fuss over mac n cheese was all…


pappardelle with porcini mushroom and white truffle cream

Foie Gras, lobster, caviar, truffle. When I think of special occasions, or decadent food, these are the four ingredients that immediately come to mind. And today, I am going to…


{Giveaway} sponsorship of italian produce by the real food market and a recipe for elicoidali with bronte pistachio pesto, pancetta, spinach and roasted cherry tomatoes

The LAM always gets super excited when I cook Italian food. He will hang around the kitchen and taste everything while my back is turned. It’s quite cute, really, in…

IMG_6947 - Copy

a simple tuscan pork ragu (with linguine)

To me, simple is always good. If I can have simple in a pot and place that in the oven, so much the better! Which then brings me to my…


thai red curry chicken ‘alfredo’ with linguine | a review of purely fresh online grocery store

I was surfing around on the internet the other day and I chanced upon this really interesting recipe.  Working on the idea along the lines of an Asian Alfredo sauce,…