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pastrami corned beef hand pies & product sponsorship by Kelly’s

I have always believed in the importance of home-cooked food because I know exactly what is (and isn’t) going into my food. This is especially true since the kids came along. …


chicken and mushroom pot pie turnovers

Anything savory for breakfast is always greeted with whoops of joy in my house. Maybe it is because we are not big fans of sweet stuff and we try to leave…


easy chicken pot pie turnovers

I debated long and hard if I should write this post. Because, you see, this recipe is so simple, I am a little embarrassed to post it. But the fact…


chicken shepherd’s pie

I wanted to cook something different last week. Something that did not involve pasta or rice. Since we can’t really have a carb-free dinner, I decided potato was the carb…

chicken and sweet corn pies

chicken and sweet corn pocket pies with cream cheese pastry dough

Today I made pies because I have finally found a pastry dough recipe that is idiot-proof which one can make in 5 minutes (Click on words for link to Cream Cheese…

cream cheese pastry dough

cream cheese pastry dough

I love baking pies. I really do. But my problem has always been the crust. Old news, right? The thing is, I live in a tropical country and I don’t…


lady and sons chicken pot pie

I have made pot pies before. Loads of times. But I have to say, this pot pie recipe beats all the other pot pie recipes I had ever made because…


char siu sou – chinese bbq pork puff pastry

For some reason, I really was craving for char siu all weekend. What’s a girl going to do when char siu craving strikes? Well, in my case, I make something…


roast chicken, egg and gruyere cheese mini-pies – an impossibly easy mini-pie recipe

I roasted a chicken breast and was going to shred the chicken, mix in some mayonnaise and mustard, and make that into a filling for a chicken sandwich. Then because…


ham, red pepper and mushroom mini-pies – an impossibly easy mini-pie recipe

Apart from the fact that these pies are really easy to make, they are also great for using up left-overs. Being a prudent home cook, I really detest any wastage….