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baked italian meatballs

When I buy meatballs from the supermarket, I seem to always end up with these tough little strange balls which try to pass themselves off as “moist” meatballs. Not. Good….

IMG_1148 (2)

fish maw (herh pio) and mushroom meatball soup | a review of thermos shuttle chef

Today I am sharing a recipe of a soup that I will never tire of. I have been eating herh pio (花胶), or fish maw, soup since  I was a…


shanghai style stir-fried udon | review of corningware retroflam cookware

It is no secret that I am a big fan of the Corningware Retroflam series of cookware. I cook A LOT, and after having gone through many, many non-stick cookware…


{giveaway} pan-fried vietnamese pork chops

I have such a fabulous recipe to share today. This dish was so good, I went, “MMMMMmmmm!” as I took my first bite. And since I had to work late,…


kimchi mac n cheese

It is hard not to like mac n cheese, especially if you love cheese. For the longest time, I couldn’t see what the fuss over mac n cheese was all…


stir-fried pig liver with ginger and spring onion

If you are squeamish, look away now. Because today, I am cooking liver! I love pig liver. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really love…


stir-fried minced pork with snow pea shoots and gochujang

The little girl was home today because she was unwell. Since she needs a lot more attention than her brother who is more self-entertaining, I had to cook a really…


ham and cheddar muffins

Whenever I need to whip up something for breakfast, I turn to muffins. When I need to make a quick snack, I make muffins. When I need to feed a…


pork belly char siew (五花肉叉燒) – wok & grill method

I love making Char Siew. I have made char siew using this recipe for ages. I like it because it uses only the wok, and because the char siew is braised before being…


spicy italian sausage and cheese egg muffins

It is no secret that I abhor wastage. Today, as Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids, Yen from GoodyFoodies and I kick off Cook and Celebrate: Christmas 2015, I am going…