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steamed chocolate cake with chocolate ganache | a review of the panasonic steam convection microwave oven

I have heard of steamed cakes. I never wanted to make one because I had this impression that I would be eating something like huat kueh (Chinese Steamed Rice Cakes)….

stir-fried tom yum seafood with home made lemon noodles & {a giveaway}

My dear readers, I have been selected to take part in the Philips noodle challenge! What’s that? Well, Philips has basically picked a group of bloggers and challenged us to…

review of the Philips Avance Collection Pasta/ Noodle Maker and a recipe for zha jiang mian (炸酱面)

I confess. The first time I was asked to attend the launch of the Philips Avance Collection Pasta/Noodle Maker, I was terribly skeptical. I wondered why I would even consider buying…