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lemon chia and ricotta muffins with lemon glaze

Sour is good. I very like sour much much. Yes I know – I seem to have lost my Grammar skills. LOL. Anyway, sour things make me go MMMMMMMmmmmm! in a…


curry corned chicken and cheese bread buns | a review of Kelly’s curry corned chicken

It has been a while since I made bread buns. The thing about bread making is that it is very addictive. I think it is the feel of bread dough,…


pastrami corned beef hand pies & product sponsorship by Kelly’s

I have always believed in the importance of home-cooked food because I know exactly what is (and isn’t) going into my food. This is especially true since the kids came along. …


grilled coriander yogurt chicken mid-joints with garam masala

It has been a while since I’d posted a chicken wing recipe. Not that we have stopped eating chicken wings, mind you. I have just been really busy with baking…


ham and sliced cheese buns

I was up at 5am this morning.  Not that that was so unusual but it was a SUNDAY morning. Sigh.  Since I was not able to sleep any longer, I…


cottony loaf and {Giveaway} A pair of tickets to Cooking & Baking class by The Domestic Goddess Wannabe!

Hello! It’s been a while – I took a break to update my cooking and baking skills but I’m back! I have been obsessing a bit about bread recently, and…


ddeokbokki (떡볶이) | korean spicy rice cakes

Korean Imperial cuisine aside, I think Korean food is generally very easy to prepare. This is certainly helped by the fact that many sauces used in Korean cooking come ready-made….


cranberry and chia seeds banana bread

Over the New Year, I made a batch of banana bread to give away. Banana breads are amazing things. Whenever someone tells me that he/she wants to learn to bake,…


ham, mushroom and cheese muffins

It always amuses me when people I speak to tell me how lucky I am – that I have so much time to cook and bake and blog. And when…


ham and cheddar muffins

Whenever I need to whip up something for breakfast, I turn to muffins. When I need to make a quick snack, I make muffins. When I need to feed a…