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super moist grilled chicken with DGW’s secret spice rub

Chicken breasts are the easiest part of the chicken to cook.  There are no bones, and they are easy to portion and cut into smaller pieces. The problem with cooking…


kimchi mac n cheese

It is hard not to like mac n cheese, especially if you love cheese. For the longest time, I couldn’t see what the fuss over mac n cheese was all…


thai green curry fried rice (ข้าวผัดแกงเขียวหวาน) | kao pad gaeng keow waan

I like Thai Green Curry a lot. But I’d never thought of cooking a Green Curry Fried Rice.  But you know, it is such a tasty dish I really cannot…


chicken fajita with coriander and lime yogurt sauce

I have been cooking loads of one-pot meals recently. I really like the ease of cooking both the protein and the vegetables in one pot and then all I have…


ddeokbokki (떡볶이) | korean spicy rice cakes

Korean Imperial cuisine aside, I think Korean food is generally very easy to prepare. This is certainly helped by the fact that many sauces used in Korean cooking come ready-made….


tom yum goong (ต้มยำกุ้ง) | thai lemongrass shrimp soup

I love Thai food. But the LAM is not a fan, so we rarely eat at Thai restaurants, which is okay because this year, I am going to learn to…


roasted chicken with paprika spice rub

I roasted a chicken today for two reasons. The first was that I had a chicken that needed to be cooked – it was one of the two that still…


korean soft toufu stew

The problem with toufu is that they are always on sale. That is a dilemma for an auntie like myself. To buy or not to buy? Well, usually the auntie-ness…


sze chuan garlic mala (麻辣) chicken

Do you Like the spicy mala (麻辣) taste of Sze Chuan food? I love it! There is something really yummy about that spiciness that lingers on one’s tongue. I went to…


sweet, sour and spicy stir-fried chicken

This is a short post because, well, this is a simple stir-fried dish. It all started because I had no idea what to cook for dinner. It was just one…