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{giveaway} steamed wild sea bass with lemongrass and ginger (ikan siakap stim)

When Pansing Distributions sent me a copy of Norman Musa‘s new book, Amazing Malaysian, the first thing I did was to flip through the book and drooled over all the amazing…


chinese steamed yam and pumpkin cake (芋头金瓜糕)

I grew up eating quite a bit of yam. It is not something I would eat on its own, but I love a good Yam Rice, and I like yam…


teochew steamed pomfret | 潮州蒸白鯧魚

Dear Readers, I am so happy to announce that Purely Fresh Online Grocery Store is now the official sponsor for fresh produce and cooking essentials for The Domestic Goddess Wannabe! …


steamed chocolate cake with chocolate ganache | a review of the panasonic steam convection microwave oven

I have heard of steamed cakes. I never wanted to make one because I had this impression that I would be eating something like huat kueh (Chinese Steamed Rice Cakes)….