Easy Oreo Brownies

When you have kids (big or small) at home, it is always good to have a few recipes that allow you to make treats easily AND quickly! I like making brownies because, well they are tasty. But more importantly, they are really easy to make and distribute. One tray of brownies yield 12-16 pieces of brownie (depending on how big you cut them) and they can easily be shared with family and friends.

Today I am sharing a simple recipe for Oreo Brownies. Of course, you can replace the Oreos with any cookies you have. My kids love these brownies, and so do their friends!

Here’s how to make this.

Remove the filling of some of the Oreos and place them into a ziplock bag. Crush the cookies into smaller pieces and set them aside.

Break the remaining Oreos into thirds or quarters and set them aside.

Melt the butter and chocolate either using a ban marie or the microwave (do not burn the chocolate!). Stir until all the chocolate has melted and set aside to cool slightly.

Add the eggs (one at a time) and vanilla extract and whisk until well combined.

Then whisk in the sugar. I usually use as little sugar in my recipes as I can get away with so if you prefer things a bit sweeter, feel free to add more sugar!

Finally whisk in the dry ingredients, making sure not to over mix as this will produce tough brownies (yucks).

Fold in the crushed Oreos.

Pour the batter into a greased and lined baking pan.

Arrange the remaining brownies on top (don’t push them into the batter!) and bake! Once baked, let the brownie cool completely and cut into pieces.

And there you have it – how easy is that!

Make this and your kids will love you that extra bit more!

Get the recipe here.

This recipe is brought to you by Fairprice – for more quick, easy and DELICIOUS recipes created by little old moi, click on this link. Have fun!